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The responsibility of being a new driver may be difficult for a teenager to understand. How do you tell them, that they are not only responsible for themselves, the vehicle that they are driving, the passengers that will be in the car with them, the other drivers and their cars around them are all their responsibility. We teach that!

Our message is simple; we teach a lifelong skill to become a responsible, more aware, safer driver. While understanding how the car works and what to do at a red light or stop sign is important, we also emphasize car control. Driving a 3,000-pound vehicle can be a dangerous endeavor. We provide our students the confidence they need to understand the importance of their role as a safe driver.

Learn to Drive is looking for Full-Time & Part-Time employees to begin working immediately. Fill out the form to apply!

We are also offering business opportunities by licensing the name Learn To Drive PA for those that may want to open their own school.