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Thanks for everything !!!

Will suggest you guys for any drivers to be!Anna and Lisa M.

The great thing about Todd is he not only teaches safety in driving techniques, he teaches safety in many other aspects. In other words, he not only asked to see my son’s permit before they went out, he talked to him about the dangers of texting and driving, and he prepared him for driving in adverse conditions once they were out on the road. There’s no doubt I will be hiring Todd again when my younger son turns 16.Emily L. Fort Washington PA
Todd was exceptionally patient with our daughter as she navigated the new driver experience.  His proficiency behind the wheel and the lessons he taught her are far beyond any other driving instructor out there.  I highly recommend using Todd!Cheryl F. Blue Bell, PA
My daughter passed her driving test last year. While she already had a teacher, we hired Todd because she wasn’t getting the road time and driving experience we expected. Todd taught her more than how to drive. He taught her how each item in her car worked and when they would be needed. He also taught her defensive driving techniques. He was a great teacher and we will use him for our younger daughter.Leslie G. Dresher PA
My son Josh was one of Todd’s first students. Todd’s calm and patience, combined with his advanced knowledge of driver behavior and car handling, made it a very positive experience for Josh, as well as me and my wife. Todd not only teaches the basics to driving and obeying the law, he teaches awareness, and equally as important, how the car reacts to one’s actions under a variety of circumstances.David H. Ambler PA
I can speak first hand- Todd was Matthew’s driving instructor. He did a great job at conveying the seriousness and responsibility of operating a vehicle. Driving is a privilege!! Way to go, Todd.Jill L. Maple Glen PA
Highly recommend! My Son is a proud student of Todd’s.Joshua L. Maple Glen PA


Lesson #1 is under Adrianna’s belt and she already learned to parallel park! Todd is an awesome teacher-Direct, calm, patient, and thorough. Adrianna felt very comfortable under his instructions and guidance and as a parent, I’m thrilled to turn this job over to the pros!Renee Bonaccorsi
I cannot say enough good things about our daughters experience with Ken. She went from a timid, nervous driver to one who feels more confident and sure when she is driving. I was amazed to see how quickly her driving improved even after one lesson. Ken was great to work with and a wonderful driving instructor!Mindi Olson bunker
It can be a nerve wrecking process to know that your teenager is going to be driving. All my worries and concerns where put a side the day we met Todd! His professionalism and expertise was a great comfort. But most of all, the confidence and the kind relationship he built with our daughter meant the most. My daughter took her test in the pouring rain and passed her first time! Thank you Todd for being there from her first lesson to the day she got her license. We HIGHLY recommend Learn to Drive!Linda Heneghan Kinneary
Todd did an excellent job preparing me for my test. Throughout all of my lessons, he provided encouragement and constructive criticism which greatly contributed to my overall success. I strongly recommend to anyone who is learning to drive.Amanda Khan
Outstanding track record & VERY accommodating… Learn to Drive is one of the BEST at doing what we do – A pleasure to work for and to work with!Sean Hickey